The use of electromagnetic field in designing the high quality Al alloys for hot forging process


  • Zvonko Gulišija
  • Aleksandra Patarić
  • Marija Mihailović


electromagnetic field, Al-alloy, forging process, numerical simulation


This work presents a way to obtain the better quality of EN AW 7075 aluminum high-strength alloy by application of electromagnetic field (EMF) during the casting process. In this way, the uniform fine-grained microstructure, and hence the better mechanical properties of the alloy can be achieved. The microstructure and mechanical characterization for samples obtained with and without EMF were performed. The application of numerical simulation for hot forging process, using appropriate software, is efficient and highly useful tool for problem prediction in industrial production, reducing the time and costs in the process of development of new products. The input data of high strength Al-alloy EN AW-7075 is used for simulation because it enables the development of parts with complex dimensions and shape.


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Gulišija, Zvonko, Aleksandra Patarić, and Marija Mihailović. 2014. “The Use of Electromagnetic Field in Designing the High Quality Al Alloys for Hot Forging Process”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 20 (4):247-54.