Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a Diamond open access journal, that refers to scientific articles published without charging authors for article processing charges.

Editorial workflow is based on the volunteer work of the scientific community.

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The maintenance of the website, preparation, and printing of articles is mostly financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia. Other sponsors are listed below.

Main sponsor:

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia

Other sponsors:

Foseco, is a world leader in the supply of foundry consumables and solutions. The comprehensive range of foundry consumables and equipment for iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries includes insulating and exothermic feeding systems, fi lters for liquid iron, steel and aluminum, direct pour technology, solidification simulation software, nonferrous metal treatment and degassing systems, metal stream inoculation, advanced coatings, environmentally friendly binders, lining systems for ladles and furnaces as well as energy saving crucibles.

Other types of support

The process of publishing a scientific paper requires several steps to the final goal - high quality per review paper. This process wouldn't be possible without esteemed peer reviewers - experts in the specific field. The Editorial team of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering highly appreciates the efforts and contribution of peer reviewers. 

The list of esteemed reviewers will be published soon.