Fabrication Of Al 2024/SiC Nanocomposite with Al and Cu Pure Coatings

  • P. Melali
  • A. Mashayekhi
  • M. Shahmiri
Keywords: Stir casting, Aluminum Nanocomposite, SiC, Coating.


Composites find an important place as new advanced materials in last decades; those especially produced with nanoparticles reinforcements, attracts researchers and a number of researches were executed on this topic. In this study, Al-base 2024 alloy composites reinforced with SiC nanoparticles were fabricated and the effects of two different coating materials were investigated. Coatings were pure Al and Cu powder with constant grain particle size. The results show that the Al coating has impacts on grain size and the interface layer between reinforcement and matrix. The mechanism of formation of interface layer between SiC nanoparticles and the Al-base 2024 matrix with reinforced with Cu coated SiC particles is quite different.


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