The Role of SiO2 Gas in the Operation of Anti-Corrosion Coating Produced by PVD

  • Meysam Zarchi
  • Shahrokh Ahangarani
Keywords: PVD, Porous, Coat, SiOx, Corrosion


This study examined theSiO2 gas present in the coatings used in corrosion industry.These layers have been created by physical vapor deposition (PVD), with an appropriate performance. Sublimation of SiO2is used to protect PVD aluminum flakes from water corrosionand to generate highly porous SiO2 flakes with holes in the nanometer range. SiOx/Al/SiOx sandwiches were made as well as Ag loaded porous SiO2 as antimicrobial filler.


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