Effects of processing temperature on in-situ reinforcement formation in Al(Zn)/Al2O3(ZnO) nanocomposite


  • Ali Maleki
  • Behzad Niroumand
  • Mahmood Meratian


In-situ, Nanocomposite, Microstructure


The aim of present work was to investigate effects of processing temperature on the microstructure of in-situ processed aluminum/alumina composites. A new activated powder injection (API) method was used to synthesize the aluminum matrix composites by displacement reaction between aluminum and zinc oxide. A mechanically activated mixture of aluminum and zinc oxide powder was injected into a vortex of molten aluminum. Three melting temperatures of 680, 730 and 790 °C were selected as the processing temperatures. The composite slurries were solidified under a pressure of 200 MPa. Microstructures of the samples were studied using electron microscopy and image analysis techniques. Refinement of in-situ reinforcements with increasing processing temperature was observed and rationalized.


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