Inhibitive effect by Psidium guajava leaf extract on the corrosion of Al-Si-Mg (SSM-HPDC) alloy in simulated seawater environment


  • M. Abdulwahab
  • L.M. Sani
  • S.A. Yoro
  • O.B. Umaru


Aluminium, Psidium guajava, Corrosion, Inhibition efficiency, Simulated seawater


The assessment of Psidium guajava leaf extract as corrosion inhibitor for Al-Si- Mg (SSM-HPDC) alloy in 3.5%wt NaCl solution using the gravimetric based-mass loss and potentiodynamic polarization techniques was investigated. The gravimetric based mass loss test was carried out at different inhibitor concentration, time and temperature ranges of 0.1-0.5%v/v, 1-5 hrs and 30-70oC, respectively, the results revealed that Psidium guajava leaf extract in 3.5%wt NaCl solution-aluminium environment decreased the corrosion rate at various concentrations considered. Inhibition efficiency (IE) as high as 63.17% at 0.5% v/v Psidium guajava leaf extract addition using the gravimetric method was demonstrated in 3.5%wt NaCl solution. The IE of 90.48% was obtained at 0.5%v/v using the potentiodynamic polarization method. The additions of Psidium guajava leaf extract as corrosion inhibitor in the solution indicate higher potential value, IE and polarization resistance with decrease in current density. The two methods used for assessment of the aluminium alloy corrosion behaviour were in agreement and mixed-type corrosion exists which obeyed the Langmuir adsorption isotherm.


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Abdulwahab, M., L.M. Sani, S.A. Yoro, and O.B. Umaru. 2015. “Inhibitive Effect by Psidium Guajava Leaf Extract on the Corrosion of Al-Si-Mg (SSM-HPDC) Alloy in Simulated Seawater Environment”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 21 (4):241-52.



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