Corrosion and Wear performances analysis of PVD CrMoN/Cr Coatings

  • Kheireddine BOUZID Laboratoired’Ingénierie des Surfaces (LIS), BADJI MokhtarUniversity of Annaba, BP12, 23000 Algeria
  • Rim LAMARI Laboratory of environmental engineering, BADJI MokhtarUniversity of Annaba, BP12, 23000 Algeria
  • Nasser Eddine BELIARDOUH Laboratoired’Ingénierie des Surfaces (LIS), BADJI MokhtarUniversity of Annaba, BP12, 23000 Algeria
  • Corrine NOUVEAU Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology LaBoMaP, Rue Porte de Paris 71250 Cluny, France
  • Barnali Biswas Department of Physics, University of Calcutta, Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas, 743331, West Bengal, India
Keywords: PVD coating; CrMoN; wear; corrosion


Tools coated CrN based alloys are currently used in several industries for machining and manufacturing, but present severe wear, limiting their service life. Seeking an alternative, three CrMoN monolayers (~1µm in thickness) coatings with varying in the Mo percentage content were elaborated using the RF magnetron co-sputtering method. These coatings were evaluated and compared with the alloy currently used (CrN) by electrochemical tests in NaCl solution (stationary and no stationary method) and sliding wear tests (ball-on-disc configuration) performed at room temperature. The results indicate that the samples coated with CrMoN presented better performance against wear and corrosion than the uncoated sample. Among the coatings, the labeled C1 (27 % Mo) showed the best corrosion resistance as it presents a positive corrosion potential Ecorr. However, the best wear resistance (lowest coefficient of friction) was shown by coating labeled C4 (33 % Mo). All of the tested specimens underwent abrasive wear in addition to adhesive wear.


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