Prediction of GMAW droplet temperature using finite element method and comparison with semi-empirical model


  • Eslam Ranjbarnodeh
  • Majid Pouranvari
  • Alireza Rahimnejad


Melt droplet temperature, GMAW, Finite element method, Semi-empirical model.


In this study, fist the temperature distribution along the consumable wire was simulated using a two-dimensional finite element model and then, average temperature of melt droplet was calculated using temperature gradient and thermal balance equation in solid/liquid interface. Next, the results of finite element modeling were compared with the semiempirical model and experimental data. The results showed that when welding current led to globular mode of metal transfer, the presented finite element model was in good agreement with experimental data.


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Ranjbarnodeh, Eslam, Majid Pouranvari, and Alireza Rahimnejad. 2012. “Prediction of GMAW Droplet Temperature Using Finite Element Method and Comparison With Semi-Empirical Model”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 18 (3):187-94.



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