Convective heat transfer characteristics of low Reynolds number nanofluid flow around a circular cylinder

Yacine Khelili, Abderrazak Allali, Rafik Bouakkaz


Numerical investigation of heat transfer phenomena of low Reynolds number nano-fluid flow over an isothermal cylinder is presented in this paper. Steady state governing equations (continuity, N–S and energy equations) have been solved using finite volume method. Stationary heat transfer, and flow characteristics over the cylinder have been studied for water based copper nanofluid with different solid fraction values. The effect of volume fraction of nano- particles on the fluid flow and heat transfer were investigated numerically. It was found that at a given Nusselt number, drag coefficient, re-circulation length, and pressure coefficient increase by increasing the volume fraction of nano-particles.


Nanofluid steady flow; finite volume; circular cylinder; Reynolds number; volume fraction.

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