Conceptual design for treatment of mining and metallurgical wastewaters which contains arsenic and antimony

  • Željko Kamberović
  • Marija Korać
  • Zoran Anđić
  • Marija Štulović
  • Tihomir Kovačević
  • Aleksandar Vujović
  • Ilija Ilić
Keywords: arsenic, antimony, mining and metallurgical wastewaters, ion exchange


This paper presents a preliminary design for treatment of mining and metallurgical wastewaters (MMW) from the basin of antimony “Zajača“, which contains high concentrations of arsenic and antimony. MMW have been investigated in laboratory, due to large difference in concentrations of pollutants. Metallurgical wastewaters were treated using iron (II)-sulfate and lime milk used to adjust the pH value at 7. After chemical treatment of metallurgical wastewater and its joining with mining wastewater, residual amount of arsenic in water was below maximum allowed concentrations, while the concentration of antimony, remained above the maximum allowed value. The final phase of purification process was performed using ion exchange resin. After treatment of MMW, they can be used as technical water in the smelting process of secondary raw lead materials.
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