Processing and properties of silver-metal oxide electrical contact materials


  • Nadežda M. Talijan
  • Vladan R. č†osović
  • Aleksandar R. č†osović
  • Dragana T. Živković


silver-metal oxide contacts, processing, properties, oxide nanoparticles


The presented study gives a brief overview of the experimental results of investigations of different production technologies of silver-metal oxide electrical contact materials in relation: processing method - properties. The two most common routes of production, i.e. internal oxidation/ingot metallurgy and powder metallurgy are demonstrated on the example of Ag-CdO and Ag-ZnO materials. For illustration of alternative processing routes that provide higher dispersion of metal-oxide particles in silver matrix more environmentally friendly Ag-SnO2 contact materials are used. Processing of electrical contact materials by mechanical mixing of starting powders in high energy ball mill is presented. The obtained experimental results of application of different methods of introduction of SnO2 nanoparticles in the silver matrix such as conventional powder metallurgy mixing and template method are given and discussed in terms of their influence on microstructure and physical properties (density, hardness and electrical conductivity) of the prepared Ag-SnO2 electrical contact materials.




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Talijan, Nadežda M., Vladan R. č†osović, Aleksandar R. č†osović, and Dragana T. Živković. 2012. “Processing and Properties of Silver-Metal Oxide Electrical Contact Materials”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 18 (4):259-72.



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