Analysis of metal ion release from biomedical implants


  • Ivana Dimić
  • Ivana Cvijović-Alagić
  • Marko Rakin
  • Branko Bugarski


metallic implants, biofluid, corrosion, ion release, analytical techniques


Metallic biomaterials are commonly used for fixation or replacement of damaged bones in the human body due to their good combination of mechanical properties. The disadvantage of metals as implant materials is their susceptibility to corrosion and metal ion release, which can cause serious health problems. In certain concentrations metals and metal ions are toxic and their presence can cause diverse inflammatory reactions, genetic mutations or even cancer. In this paper, different approaches to metal ion release examination, from biometallic materials sample preparation to research results interpretation, will be presented. An overview of the analytical techniques, used for determination of the type and concentration of released ions from implants in simulated biofluids, is also given in the paper.




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Dimić, Ivana, Ivana Cvijović-Alagić, Marko Rakin, and Branko Bugarski. 2013. “Analysis of Metal Ion Release from Biomedical Implants”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 19 (2):167-76.



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