The effect of concentration of glycerol and electric current on the morphology and particle size of electrodeposited cadmium powder

  • S. G. Viswanath
  • M. M. Jachak
Keywords: Electrodeposition, Cadmium, Stability, SEM, XRD, Particle size


Cadmium powder was obtained by electrodeposition of cadmium from glycerol and sulphuric acid. The morphology and particle size of these powders were studied. Broken dendrites, intermingled with spongy and irregular particles were observed in the powder. Around 60% of particles were below 100 µm. XRD studies showed that particles with sizes between 212.2 and 303.2 nm were present in the powder. The apparent density of cadmium powder decreased with increase in concentration of glycerol. The stability of the powder and current efficiency were also studied
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