Preparation of electrolytic copper powder by electrodeposition from copper sulphate solution in presence of glycerol and sulfuric acid medium and the study of morphology of the powder

  • S.G. Viswanath
  • M.M. Jachak
Keywords: Electrodeposition, Copper, Stability, SEM, XRD, Particle size, Elecrocatalytic and autodepositon


Copper powder was obtained by electrodeposition of copper from glycerol and sulphuric acid. The morphology and particle size of these powders were studied. Dendritic, cubical, hexagonal and round shaped particles were obtained by electrodeposition from glycerol and sulphuric acid. Size of more than 85% particles was smaller than 60 µm. On the other side, size of powder particles obtained through XRD graphs and calculated applying Debye Sharer formula is in the range between 162 and 222 nm. The apparent density of copper powder decreased with increase in concentration of glycerol. The stability of the powder and current efficiency were also studied. It was found that in absence of copper sulphate there was some copper deposition on the cathode. The effect was discussed in present work. A new definition has been suggested for electrodepostion process.
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