Electrodeposition of nickel powder from nickel sulphate solution in presence of glycerol and sulphuric acid

  • S.G. Viswanath
  • Manish M. Jachak
Keywords: Electrodeposition, Nickel, Stability, SEM, XRD, Particle size, Electrocatalytic and auto electrodeposition


Nickel powder was obtained by electrodeposition of nickel from boric acid, glycerol and sulphuric acid. The morphology and particle size of these powders were studied. Spongy, irregular, flaky, fibrous and aggregate particles were obtained. Size of more than 85% particles was smaller than 384µm. From XRD graphs, it was found that the smaller particles are in the range of 106 and 373 nm. The apparent density of nickel powder decreased with increase in concentration of glycerol. The stability of the powder and current efficiency were also studied. In absence of nickel sulphate there was some nickel deposition on the cathode. The effect was discussed in present work. New definition for electrodeposition was suggested.
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