The influence of Mg content and impurities in AA5083 alloy on the properties of flow formed tubes

  • Milutin Nikačević
  • Ljubica Radović
  • Branka Jordović
Keywords: AA5083, Chemical Composition, Tube, Flow Forming, Residual Stress, Mechanical Properties


Microstructure and mechanical properties of flow formed thin-walled tubes of AA5083 alloy from two metallurgical heats are presented. The influence of the chemical composition and applied reduction on the surface features and residual macro stresses were also studied. The residual macro stresses were estimated by ring method. The heat with higher content of alloying elements and impurities (Mg, Mn, Fe, Si) had higher strength of preforms as well as flow formed tubes. These tubes exhibit three times higher residual stresses, lower spinnability, and the large amount of the surface defects (microcracks). This behaviour is attributed to the inhomogeneous material flow during deformation and presence of impurities.
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