A model for cross-referencing and calculating similarity of metal alloys

  • Svetlana Pocajt
  • Mirjana Ristić
  • Aleksandra Perić-Grujić
  • Viktor Pocajt
  • Karlo Raić
Keywords: similarity of alloys, cross-referencing, equivalent metals, metal composition, mechanical properties


This paper presents an innovative model for the comparison and crossreferencing of metal alloys, in order to determine their interchangeability in engineering, manufacturing and material sourcing. The model uses a large alloy database and statistical approach to estimate missing composition and mechanical properties parameters and to calculate property intervals. A classification of metals and fuzzy logic are then applied to compare metal alloys. The model and its algorithm have been implemented and tested in real-life applications. In this paper, an application of the model in finding unknown equivalent metals by comparing their compositions and mechanical properties in a very large metals database is described, and possibilities for further research and new applications are presented.
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