RETRACTED: Investigation into the kinetic behavior of molten aluminum pressureless infiltration into SiC preforms


  • Hassan Sharifi
  • Mohamad Reza Nasresfahani Department of Materials Engineering, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Iran


Kinetic, Aluminum Composite, Silicon carbide, Pressureless Infiltration


Infiltration of molten metal into the ceramic performs without using external force is a new fabrication method for metal-matrix composites. In this research, the kinetics of pressureless infiltration in the processing of Al/SiC composites has been investigated. In order to improve the wettability and infiltration properties, Al-6wt.%Mg alloy was prepared. Also, the ceramic component was coated with electroless copper plating at the temperature 60-70 °C (pH=12.5) and the rate of 17-20 µm. Infiltration of molten aluminum into the coated ceramic perform was successfully carried out in the temperature range of 850 to 950 °C under nitrogen atmosphere. Microstructural SEM investigations indicated a well-bonded metal-ceramic joint. Kinetic studies showed that the melt infiltration into the ceramic foam follows an S-shaped curve. The infiltration rate was specified with respect to variables like the experiment temperature and the size of the porosities of the ceramic component. The results revealed that by increasing the temperature and the size of pores, the infiltration rate increases. For infiltrating molten metal into the 10 and 30 ppi foams, activation energies of 5.902 kJ/mol and 7.232 kJ/mol, are required, respectively.

According to the policy of our Journal, this paper has been retracted because of sheer plagiarism. This paper has been published at the same time in the International Journal of Materials Research (IJMR):


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