Thermomechanical behavior of comercial yellow gold alloy


  • Miloš G. Djordjević
  • Mladen B. Mirić
  • Dragan M. Djordjević
  • Aleksandar R. Radivojević


casting, rolling, gold, metallography, SEM/EDS


With the development of science and technology, in the late 19th century, began the research and application of new alloys for making jewelry. By adding different amounts of Cu and Ag alloy of Au, as well as adding some new elements (Zn), alloys were obtained with different color spectrum (from red to yellow) and different technological and metallurgical characteristics. This paper aims to show thermomechanical behavior of commercial yellow Au alloys for making jewelry.


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Djordjević, Miloš G., Mladen B. Mirić, Dragan M. Djordjević, and Aleksandar R. Radivojević. 2016. “Thermomechanical Behavior of Comercial Yellow Gold Alloy”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 22 (1):9-16.



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