Ni-Pd-Al2O3 catalyst supported on reticulated ceramic foam for dry methane reforming


  • Vesna Nikolić
  • Željko Kamberović
  • Marija Korać
  • Miroslav Sokić
  • Zoran Anč‘ić
  • Aleksandar Tomović


Nickel, Palladium, Catalyst, Reticulated ceramic foam, Dry methane reforming


In the present study, Ni-Pd/Al2O3 catalyst supported on α-Al2O3 based foam was prepared and evaluated in the dry methane reforming process. Corresponding metal chlorides were deposited to the foam surface by impregnation of the foam with ultrasonically aerosolized salt solutions at 473 K and drying at that temperature. Calcination step was excluded and the catalyst was reduced at very low temperature - 533 K. The reforming experiment lasted for 3 h, with standing time of 1 h at the following temperatures: 873, 973 and 1023 K. Conclusions on selectivity, catalytic activity and stability were reached on the basis of CO and H2 yields.


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Nikolić, Vesna, Željko Kamberović, Marija Korać, Miroslav Sokić, Zoran Anč‘ić, and Aleksandar Tomović. 2015. “Ni-Pd-Al2O3 Catalyst Supported on Reticulated Ceramic Foam for Dry Methane Reforming”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 21 (1):57-63.



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