Synthesis and characterisation of ultra-hard and lightweight AlMgB14-xTiB2 composites for wear-resistance and ballistic protection


  • Varužan Kevorkijan
  • Srečo Davorin Å kapin
  • Danilo Suvorov


AlMgB14–XTiB2 Composites, Wear-resistance, Ballistic protection


As an alternative to mechanical alloying, high temperature synthesis (HTS) of ultra-hard, super-abrasive AlMgB14 was performed under normal pressure. The reaction mixture consisted of elemental Al and B, whereas Mg was added in the form of a Mgprecursor which liberates elemental magnesium approximately 400 ºC above the melting point of Mg, in this way reducing its evaporation during heating-up. 95 wt % conversion to AlMgB14 and 5 wt % to MgAl2O4 was achieved. The synthesized AlMgB14 baseline powder, as well as mixtures of AlMgB14 consisting of 30, 50 and 70 wt% of TiB2, were hot pressed to near theoretical density. The various samples produced were characterized for microstructure and hardness. A microhardness of 29.4GPa in hot pressed AlMgB14 and a maximum Vickers hardness of 30.2 GPa in hot pressed samples of AlMgB14 reinforced with 70 wt% of TiB2 particles (d50=4,1 µm) was achieved. Future project milestones necessary for achieving a higher AlMgB14 reaction yield, reducing the MgAl2O4 content and producing sinter-active AlMgB14 powder, as well as hot pressed composites processing improvement for gaining maximum hardness are also presented.


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Kevorkijan, Varužan, Srečo Davorin Å kapin, and Danilo Suvorov. 2015. “Synthesis and Characterisation of Ultra-Hard and Lightweight AlMgB14-XTiB2 Composites for Wear-Resistance and Ballistic Protection”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 21 (1):45-56.



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