Methods of improvement of forecasting of development of mineral deposits' power supply


  • Alexander V. Putilov
  • Alexander G. Vorobev
  • Dmitriy V. Timokhin
  • Marina V. Bugaenko
  • Galina I. Popova


transportable power unit, economic assessments, added cost, discount rate, innovative nuclear energy sources, nuclear energy, natural resource rent, minerals, evaluation, rough estimation.


Mineral deposits (among which non-ferrous metals take a leading place) are situated on the territory of our planet rather unevenly, and often in out-of-the-way places. Nuclear power (particularly, transportable nuclear power plants) provides the new possibilities of power supply, which is very important for deposits' development. This article shares the economic aspects of forecasting in the field of power development (in particular, nuclear power on the basis of transportable nuclear power plants). Economic barriers of development of innovative nuclear technologies are considered on the example of transportable nuclear power plants. At the same time, there are given the ways of elimination of such barrier to development of this technology as methodical absence of investigation of a question of distribution of added cost between producers of innovative equipment and final product. Addition of new analytical tool ("business diagonal") is offered for a method of definition of economically efficient distribution of added cost (received as a result of introduction of innovative technologies) between participants of production and consumption of atomic energy within the "economic cross" model. There is offered the order of use of method of cash flows discounting at calculations between nuclear market participants. Economic methods, offered in this article, may be used in forecasting of development of other energy technologies and introduction of prospective energy equipment.


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Putilov, Alexander V., Alexander G. Vorobev, Dmitriy V. Timokhin, Marina V. Bugaenko, and Galina I. Popova. 2015. “Methods of Improvement of Forecasting of Development of Mineral deposits’ Power Supply”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 21 (1):15-24.



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