A Comparative Review Study on the Manufacturing Processes of Composite Grid Structures

  • A. Fadavian
  • A. Davar
  • J. E. Jam
  • S. H. Taghavian
Keywords: Composite Grid Structures, Filament Winding, Fiber Placement, Mandrel, Curing Cycle.


Filament winding and fiber placement are low-cost, fast, and suitable processes for manufacturing composite grid structures. Resulted structures are high quality products. They have the advantage of carrying heavy structural loads as well as light structural weight. Composite Grid Structures (CGS) are manufactured with varying geometries such as circular (cylindrical and conic) and flat. They are applied in hightech industries including aerospace industry. In this paper, the manufacturing processes of these structures and their various aspects (including winding method, mandrel material and curing method) are reviewed and compared in detail.


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