Static-dynamic model for endpoint control used in Smederevo's BOF shop


  • Tomislav D Bradarić KOTEH Engineering, Ltd., Smederevo, Serbia
  • Z. M. Slović Key to Metals Ltd., Belgrade, Serbia
  • G. J. Stepanoski Telesign Ltd., Belgrade, Serbia
  • S. Kosanović Higher Court, Smederevo, Serbia



BOF; Static-Dynamic model; quick tapping; cost; self-learning.


This paper describes the computer model for BOF control that was in use at Smederevo, Serbia, during the period 1994-2006. The model was developed at the Institute of Metallurgy of the Smederevo Steelwork in mid-1994 and was motivated by the fact that the plant in Smederevo, by that time, had many years of experience in endpoint control using Intermediate Stop Practice (ISP). The vision for the model was to continuously improve and adapt to the working conditions of production through self-learning and adjustments. The model belongs to the well-known family of Static-Dynamic models (SDMs). It is aimed to reduce the "oxygen off-to-start tap" time and thus increase productivity and reduce production costs. The paper briefly describes the metallurgical software, operator operations and provides some information on the model's effectiveness.


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Bradarić, Tomislav D, Z. M. Slović, G. J. Stepanoski, and S. Kosanović. 2021. “Static-Dynamic Model for Endpoint Control Used in Smederevo’s BOF Shop”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 27 (4):449-56.



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