Application of thermal analysis in ferrous and nonferrous foundries


  • Mile B Djurdjevic Nemak Linz GmbH, Zeppelinstrasse 24,4030 Linz Austria



ferrous; nonferrous; foundries; thermal analysis.


This paper is devoted to the memory of Professor Ljubomir Nedeljkovic (1933-2020), Head of the Department of Iron and Steel Metallurgy University of Belgrade, Serbia. Assessment of the melt quality is one of the most important casting process parameters, which allowed sound production of intricated cast parts. At the present time, various devices have been applied at foundry floors to control melt quality. Thermal analysis is one of them, widely used for melt quality control in ferrous and non-ferrous casting plants. During solidification, metal and alloys released latent heat, which magnitude is dependent on the type of phases that form during the solidification process. Plotting temperature versus time data during solidification provides useful information related to the actual solidification process. The applied technique is called thermal analysis, whereas the cooling curve is the name of such a plot. The main aim of this paper is to give a short overview of the present thermal analysis application in various foundries and to indicate the future potential use of this technique.


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