The non-destructive prediction of the aluminium content in pressed skulls of aluminium dross

  • Varužan Kevorkijan
  • Srečo Davor Škapin
  • Uroš Kovačec
Keywords: Pressed skulls, aluminium dross, non-destructive prediction


During production of primary and secondary aluminium, various amounts of aluminium dross, a mixture consisting of molten aluminium metal and different oxide compounds, is skimmed per tonne of molten metal. In order to preserve the maximum aluminium content in hot dross for further extraction, it is necessary to cool the dross (e.g. by pressing) immediately after skimming. During pressing, the skimmed dross is transformed into so-called pressed skulls, convenient for storage, transport or further inhouse processing. Pressed skulls, which represent a valuable source of aluminium, are generally valued on a free-metal recovery basis. Therefore, it is important and useful to develop a method of fast and cost-effective non-destructive measurement of the free aluminium content in pressed skulls, independent of the technology of pressed skulls recycling. Following the theoretical considerations presented in this work, a practical industrial methodology was developed for non-destructive prediction of the amount of free aluminium in pressed skulls, wAl, based on non-destructive measurement of the density, ρ, of the pressed skulls.
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