The role of ain precipitates in the development of a strong (111) texture on subsequent cold rolling and annealing of Al-stabilized steel

  • Visešlava Rajković
  • Milan T. Jovanović
  • Djordje Drobnjak
Keywords: Al-stabilized steel, thermomechanical treatment, AlN precipitate, texture


The thermomechanical treatment consisting of either static (SSA) or dynamic strain aging (DSA) followed by cold rolling and annealing was applied to develop a strong texture in Al-stabilized steel. The effectiveness of SSA and DSA treatments in developing a high average plastic strain ratio and a high (222)/(200) intensity ratio is related to the size and distribution of AlN precipitates. It is assumed that a fine distribution of AlN particles, capable of pinning effectively subgrain boundaries produced on subsequent cold rolling and annealing, is essential for developing of a high proportion of recrystallized grains with the (222) orientation at the expense of grains with the (200) orientation.
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