Understanding plasma spraying process and characteristics of DC-arc plasma gun (PJ-100)


  • Jovana Ružić
  • Miroljub Vilotijević
  • Dušan Božić
  • Karlo Raić


plasma, plasma spaying process, DC-arc plasma gun, PJ-100


The thermal spray processes are a group of coating processes used to apply metallic or non-metallic coatings. In these processes energy sources are used to heat the coating material (in the form of powder, wire, or rod form) to a molten or semi-molten state and accelerated towards a prepared surface by either carrier gases or atomization jets. In plasma spraying process, the spraying material is generally in the form of powder and requires a carrier gas to feed the powder into the plasma jet, which is passing between the hot cathode and the cylindrical nozzle-shaped anode. The design of DC plasma gun (PJ - 100) is designed and manufactured in Serbia. Plasma spaying process, the powder injection with the heat, momentum and mass transfers between particles and plasma jet, and the latest developments related to the production of DC plasma gun are described in this article.




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Ružić, Jovana, Miroljub Vilotijević, Dušan Božić, and Karlo Raić. 2012. “Understanding Plasma Spraying Process and Characteristics of DC-Arc Plasma Gun (PJ-100)”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 18 (4):273-82. https://metall-mater-eng.com/index.php/home/article/view/203.



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