Concepts in surface alloying of metals


  • Santosh S. Hosmani


nitriding, carburizing, chromizing, hardness


Surface alloying is widely used method in industries to improve the surface properties of metals/alloys. Significance of the various surface engineering techniques to improve the properties of engineering components in various applications, for example, automobile industries, has grown substantially over the many years. The current paper is focused on the fundamental scientific aspects of the surface alloying of metals. Widely used surface alloying elements involved are interstitial elements such as nitrogen, carbon, and substitutional element, chromium. This topic is interdisciplinary in nature and various science and engineering streams can work together for the further development in this topic. This paper has attempted to cover the essential concepts of surface alloying along with some of the interesting results in this research area.


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Hosmani, Santosh S. 2013. “Concepts in Surface Alloying of Metals”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 19 (1):65-84.



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