Semi-empirical software for the aluminothermic and carbothermic reactions

  • Milorad Gavrilovski
  • Vaso Manojlović
  • Željko Kamberović
  • Marija Korać
  • Miroslav Sokić
Keywords: aluminothermic, carbothermic, Semi-empirical software, model.


Understanding the reaction thermochemistry as well as formatting the empirical data about element distribution in gas-metal-slag phases is essential for creating a good model for aluminothermic and carbothermic reaction. In this paper modeling of material and energy balance of these reactions is described with the algorithm. The software, based on this model is basically made for production of high purity ferro alloys through aluminothermic process and then extended for some carbothermic process. Model validation is demonstrated with production of FeTi, FeW, FeB and FeMo in aluminothermic and reduction of mill scale, pyrite cinders and magnetite fines in carbothermic process.


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