Effect of SiC Particles on Mechanical Properties of Stir-Friction Welded Al/SiC Composites Fabricated by Lost Foam Casting


  • Moe Rabea Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, College of Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, United States
  • Mushtaq Albdiry Department of Materials Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq


FSW; lost foam casting; SiC; mechanical properties; metal matrix composite.


This study investigates the effects of inserting sub-micron hard silicon carbide (SiC) particles in a welded zone of aluminum (Al)/SiC metal matrix composite. Two parts of Al/35 wt. % SiC composites fabricated by lost foam casting (LFC) were welded together using friction stir welding (FSW) process. As reinforcement, 5 wt. % of SiC particles were inserted in the welding zone of the composites to enhance their microhardness and tensile strength as well as alleviate their thermal shock and weight loss/abrasion resistance. The optical images showed a good dispersion of SiC particles in the welded zone that resulted in a higher microhardness and tensile strength. The presence of well-dispersed SiC particles exhibited a good shock resistance of the composite even at higher temperatures, and lower weight loss (better corrosion performance) under salt spray test and a harsh 5% w/v NaCl solution for the presence of a hard equilibrium SiC and Al4C3 phases with further addition of SiC particles.


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