Minimization of the stress concentration in Formed Parts through Non-Parametric Optimization


  • Salam. O Dahe Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University
  • Badr Kamoon Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Iraq
  • Hamzah Kadhim Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Iraq



Numerical Analysis, Stiffness, Structure topology, Simulation, ABAQUS


Parametric and non-parametric are the main optimization methods that are used in various industrial fields. In non-parametric optimization, the process of manipulating the node locations (shape optimization) or removing mass without changing the node locations (topology optimization) is adopted to achieve a desired objective. This structural optimization is formulated as a non-parametric problem, and for analysis purposes, ABAQUS/CAE software is adopted for this approach. Manufacturing process like forming is always linked with stress concentration, especially in the sharp ends and variable cross sections like holes and fillets. The problems of representation and finding the optimal and better structural design of some known quantities such as reactions, loads and masses is not easy. A large deflection may be induced in a structure when experiencing severe mechanical loads. In this work, the numerical method has been presented to investigate a method for optimization of formed parts geometry. Numerical examination confirmed that high-stress concentrations are generated in many places. Material distribution is highly influenced by nonlinearity and the new layout will result in intermediate densities. In such cases, the nonlinear elasticity like nonlinear strain must be considered. As a result, the non-parametric optimization can offer good design flexibility to use the existing model with ease of setup and without the need for parameterization. It can provide a conceptual design that can reduce the structure's weight to the maximum extent in the early design stage. This work is going to optimize the design of the formed plates by reducing the volume while maximizing its stiffness. As a recommendation, in order to provide an attractive approach with suitable levels of structural performance, the combination of both optimization methods is the short way to achieve this aim.


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