Special Issue "Science and technology of electronic materials"



The journal Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (ISSN 2217-8961)
is currently running a special issue entitled Science and technology of
electronic materials.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to
the following areas:
-       Engineered materials in components, circuits, devices, and systems
-       New applications for semiconductors, magnetic alloys,
insulators, and optical and display materials
-       Failure analysis, quality assurance and characterization in
electronics applications
-       Reliability of microelectronic devices, from materials, process
and manufacturing, to design, testing and operation.
-       Newly developing fields such as low dimensional structures and
devices, optoelectronics including glasses and linear/non-linear crystal
materials and lasers.
-       Research on specific areas of interest such as materials for
state-of-the-art transistors, nanotechnology, electronic packaging,
detectors, emitters, metallization, superconductivity, and energy